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With decades of experience, Nick has never been content to make one kind of work, or stick with one kind of approach. To much acclaim, he collaborates nationally and internationally. Associated with Walk the Plank for over 10 years, Nick has conceived, created and directed numerous shows for the company including Spellbound, a production with a 5 year touring legacy, and Eternal Voyages, the highlight of Pafos (Cyprus) 2017’s European City of Culture programme. Nick has extensive Festival Programming experience, and, as a member of the Walk the Plank team, leads the way on South Asian cultural celebrations. He has collaborated with many of the UK’s leading artists and organisations in this sector including Nutkhut, Dance Ihayami, Annapurna Arts, ArtsEkta, KADAM, Odissi Ensemble, Bollywood Brass Band, Ri Ri’s Dance Academy, Indigo Moon Theatre, Pagrav Dance, as well as various other Hindu organisations, to develop artistic programmes. Other companies and organisations include Contact Mcr, Bolton Octagon, Beyond 90, and The Gothenburg English Speaking Theatre.

Spellbound by Walk the Plank
Cast the Light is a captivating piece of outdoor theatre. Image by Chris Payne
Cast the Light is a captivating piece of outdoor theatre from the Ramayana.
KADAM and Walk the Plank
Crying in the Chapel - Strangeways Prison riots 1990
Diversity. Arts. Programming.

In development: 

Digital Diwali,

In Return,

and If Not Now.

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