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Crying in the Chapel

1990, the Berlin wall was already down, Couchescau was dead, Nelson Mandela released from prison and The Happy Mondays had appeared on Top of the Pops. As human kind limped into a new decade, a world wide wave of change and defiance hit the front pages of the papers and the headlines on the news. As an under current of civil unrest and class war bubbled and exploded into violence in the wake of the poll tax. London lay in ruins and the people of England celebrated its destruction. In a Victorian hell hole where violence and corruption were as deeply ingrained as the dirt and shit on the walls, 1,647 men were held in a space designed to house and rehabilitate 970. Welcome to her majesty’s prison Strangeways….

Strangeways riots 1990. Crying in the chapel.
The critically acclaimed Crying in the Chapel. Strangeways Riots 1990

Cast: Eric Neil Bell, Paul Taylor Derek Barr, Mark Williams Daniel Hayes, Alan Lord Vince Atta, Glyn Williams Michael Ryan, John Murry Gareth Morgan Cassidy, Martin Bryant Adam Foster, Andrew Nelson David Judge, Darren Jones / David Bowen Adam Beresford, Tony Bush Sean Cernow, PO Preston / Proctor Greg Patmore, PO Collins/ Brendan O'Friel- Prison Governor/ Tate Tony Hirst, P.O. Duffield / Reporter Karl Haynes, Lily Taylor Ruth Evens, Mrs. Murray / Jones / Female P O Julie Glover,  Young Prisoner Geoff Dignan

Written by Stafford, Coghill and Clarke, Directed by Nick Clarke,  Supported by Arts Council England, Produced by Fink On Theatre / Contact Theatre, Script Advisor Eric AllisonCompany Manager Trudy St-Louis, Production Management Jo Stratford / Fink On Theatre, Design Sarah OxleyComposer and Sound Design KC / Billy Morley Lighting Design Richard Babington, Head Stage Manager Lyndsey Akehurst, Technicians Greg Akehurst, Jonny Godsmark  Set Builder Jason McClarnan, Visuals Nick Wallbank

The critically acclaimed Crying in the Chapel. Strangeways riots 1990.
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