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Nick has creative flair and a wealth of practical knowledge, which serves him in successfully producing a variety of cultural events, including moments of national significance. He believes collaboration is at the heart of everything, and works with creative teams to develop deep engagement with communities to deliver this work. 

Hull Freedom Festival 2013
Bolton Diwali on the square 2019

“It was a pleasure to work with Nick Clarke during the production of Games Time in 2011-12. I found him to be industrious, knowledgeable, resourceful, well organised and unflappable. I look forward to working with him again in the future in whichever of his multi-skilled capacities he chooses to exercise and commend him heartily to others. 

Dusty Rhodes, Director at Raise the Roof. 

Games Time, London 2012. Legacy project. Image by Kev Ryan.
Bollywood Inferno. A collaboration between Walk the Plank and Bollywood Brass Band. Image by Chris Payne

With artistic instinct and a clear understanding of the creative process, as well as diplomatic skills and technical knowhow. All of these elements are crucial to the role, and Nick Clarke is one of those rare finds."

Bettina Linstrum, Co-Director - Arts Agenda

Sacred Fires created by Walk the Plank and KADAM ft Odissi Ensemble. Photo by Chris Payne.
A London 2012 celebration, as the Olympic torch arrives in the NW. Image by Chris Payne.
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