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When two stories collide!  Thunderstruck is a visually striking contemporary indoor production of the Indian epic stories of Navaratri and Diwali. 
Themes of courage, love, and tyranny, expressed through poetic text, dance and acting, all to an original score and stunning visuals. 

Created by Ri Ri’s Dance Academy
Supported by Arts Council England.  
Conception and Artistic Direction Nick Clarke
Producer Rushi Munshi
Choreographer Ria Meera Munshi
Written by Louise Wallwein
Composer KC
Visual Artists Matt & Rob Vale (Illuminos) 
Tech Manager and Show Caller
Mariel Bunnage
Design and Costume Gwen Williams / Molly Hawkins 
Lighting Design
Paul Davies  (DBNAudile)
Rama Christopher Jefferies
Sita Ria Meera Munshi
Mahishasura Vimal Korpal
Vishnu Kali Chandrasegaram
Shiva Pete Cuffe
Brahma Pushpinder Chani 
Dancers Donitta Dany, Sonakshi Senthil and Craig Hanson 

Chris Jefferies as Lord Rama. Thunderstruck produced by Ri Ri's Dance Academy. Image by Nick Clarke
Ria Meera Munshi as Sita. Thunderstruck, produced by Ri Ri's Dance Academy. Image by Nick Clarke.
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