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Nick works with new writing to create theatre that resonates. In the 1990’s, he spent the best part of 2 years presenting his work in some of Manchester's most iconic nightclubs. A graduate from Drama Centre London, in 2008 he partnered with Contact Mcr, to present several European collaborations that, through uncomfortable themes, challenged audiences’ perspectives of the world. Nick has his own version of visual thrills and meaningful stories, and now creates theatre of epic proportions in parks, city squares, on rivers, canals and iconic buildings, with an extraordinary range of artists and art forms. Periodically, Nick enjoys venturing back indoors, most noticeably to direct the critically acclaimed "Crying in the Chapel" - an inside account of the Strangeways Prison Riots.

Spellbound by Walk the Plank

"It was ambitious and of extraordinary quality and I am sure will stay in people’s minds for years to come”.

Ros Robins, Director Artrix.

"Cast the Light"produced by Walk the Plank.

"Excellent ensemble playing" ****

Alan Hulme - Manchester Evening News

Runaway Shadows. Produced by Contact Mcr. 

“hard-hitting, brutal, and shocking, but ultimately inspiring theatre” ****

Brian Gorman - Fiction Maker 

Strangeways Prison riots 1990. Crying in the Chapel

“Nick mixes traditional art forms with a contemporary viewpoint in a way that is really exciting and delights audiences". 

Liz Pugh, Co founder and Exec Producer, Walk the Plank.

Eternal Voyages produced by Walk the Plank. 

Video courtesy of Walk the Plank. 

“Nick has never been content to make one kind of work, or stick with one kind of approach. He is relentlessly committed to his goal of exploring ever new ways to bring theatre to new audiences, and has now been creating epic spectacles for thousands of people, and collaborating with an extraordinary range of artists and art forms for over ten years. And, in doing this has mastered the art of the spectacle – creating his own version of visual thrills, meaningful stories, and deep engagement".

John McGrath, Artistic Director and Chief Exec, Manchester International Festival.

Crying in the Chapel - Strangeways Riots 1990

“Testosterone-charged panache” **** 

Dominic Cavendish - The Daily Telegraph 

Sagar Arya as Mahishasura, in one of the worlds most epic stories. Image by Chris Payne.

Nine Nights produced by Walk the Plank and ArtsEkta. 

Video courtesy of ArtsEkta. 

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